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Recommended Web Host
If you’re looking to create your own website, Dreamhost is the way to go! They have been nothing but awesome since I started hosting my website with them. Dreamhost has impeccable customer service, are adult industry friendly, and offers handy installs such as WordPress software, which makes designing and maintaining your website a breeze.
Social Media/Self-Promotion

While the idea of self-promoting on social media may be a fairly obvious concept, hopefully this list can provide you with info on each platform that you find useful!

Twitter is a great way to keep your fans informed and bring in new business! Many clip/cam sites now allow the option to connect to Twitter, so they’ll tweet on your behalf every time you make a sale or go online. You can also use a program like HootSuite to schedule tweets. Their free version has everything you need! Twitter allows all sorts of nudity/NSFW material, as long as it’s not included in your banner or profile photo.
Share pics and clips to announce when you’re online, or give fans a peek into your day to day life by sharing photos of your pets, gifts you’ve received, etc. Instagram does not support NSFW content, so no nudies!
Facebook isn’t adult-friendly, but having a Page (or profile that’s separate from your personal one) can still be a good way to connect with fans and share the more “real life” side of things. Keep things as SFW as possible. Even handbras and skimpy outfits can get your content flagged!
While most FetLifers are looking for free, real life arrangements, it’s good to have a profile there just in case! Worried about the site requiring you to share your location? Simply put “Antarctica” to avoid receiving requests from people who live nearby/want to meet up.
Kik is a messaging app that allows you to text with people without sharing your personal phone number! You can offer text-based chat sessions as well as chat sessions including pics and/or video clips. They recently added a video call feature, too!
Snapchat is another texting app, though it primarily focuses on photo sharing. While SnapChat is commonly used for subscription-based services, you can also use it to self-promote. Just don’t share any nudies on your public story!
SO much can be said about Reddit, but I’m going to keep it short here. Reddit is for everything. Check out this Youtube video for info!

Later for Reddit is an excellent tool for scheduling Reddit posts in advance, too.

If you also enjoy vlogging, Youtube can be a great SFW tool to expand your audience! Talk about your experiences in the industry, or let people know what’s going on in your life outside of adult work. Unfortunately, Youtube does not allow for the monetization of any sex work related videos anymore. However, they’re still a great platform for exposure, and you can monetize those same videos by posting them to sites like PornHub, too.
PornHub is an extremely underrated form of self-promotion. On PornHub, you can promote your website/subreddit/clip store/cam profile etc. by sharing pics and videos, AND you earn ad revenue. Post teaser clips, live show recordings, full videos, and even bloopers to increase your following (and passive income)!

For the useful sites that just don’t really fit into any other category.
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