Let’s expand each other’s horizons! Below is a list of ways for us to cross-promote by encouraging our own fan and client bases to check each other out!
Friends Page

This option is for fellow sex workers who have their own website! If you don’t have one already, adding a friends page to your site is a great way to cross-promote and boost business. If you want to cross-promote through your site, simply contact me with the following:

1. A 250px X 250px (unwatermarked – I’ll be adding your name to the photo for font consistency) photo of yourself. You can upload the pic to either Imgur or your website, and send me the URL.

2. A link to your website.

3. Your preferred specifications (dimensions, watermarked/unwatermarked) for the image I’m going to send you to be put on your friends list.

Check out my Friends List to see where your pic will be getting posted!

PornHub Favorites

I made a PornHub playlist containing videos of my SW friends! To be included on it, you just need to:

1. Create your own Favorites of Friends playlist.

2. Send me links to the TWO videos you want added to my playlist.
They can be your most popular, your personal favorites, or videos you feel don’t get enough love. It’s entirely up to you to decide what you want promoted!

I will add your videos to my playlist when you send me the links, and send you a couple links to add to your playlist in return.

This isn’t really something that can be tracked, so I’m using the honor system, but I’m happy to go through your profile and thumbs up a bunch of your content if you do the same for me!

If you’re not already on PornHub, please consider joining through my referral link! It costs you nothing to use, and awards me a $25 bonus once you get verified and upload 2 videos.

Tweet For Tweet

I’m always happy to tweet about my fellow SWs and spread the love! Here’s how to make it happen:

Send me a pic (or multiple pics) of yourself, along with the text(s) you want me to use to tweet about you. Let me know how many/how frequently you’re hoping to trade shoutouts, and I’ll send you some photos/tweets in return!

We can make it a one-off thing, or we can give each other shoutouts once per week/month/year/whatever. If you want to give each other regular shoutouts, I recommend signing up for an auto-tweeter. My personal favorite is RecurPost – They have a free version, though I prefer to use their bottom tier paid version. If you decide to use RP, please consider signing up through my RecurPost affiliate link! It costs you nothing to use my link, and awards me credits that are then put towards the cost of my own subscription if you decide to purchase their paid version.

RecurPost also allows me to reuse albums of scheduled tweets, so if you send me 4 tweets and we give each other a shoutout once per week, each tweet will be repeated once per month.

Snap For Snap
I’ll be straight with you: I’m not an avid Snapchatter.

I’m going to be doing a trial run of a paid Snap subscription sometime in the new year, but it’s not something I’m currently in the habit of using often. Having said that, I DO still get new followers on a regular basis, and I am more than happy to exchange Snap shoutouts.

Send me a (non-nude) photo including whatever username/services you want to promote on it, and I’ll share it on my public story in exchange for you snapping the promo pic I provide you!

ManyVids Love

Let’s give each other a boost on MV! There are a few ways we can do this:

1. Follow each other. I actually don’t know how much of a difference this makes, but I figure it probably looks good on us if we have lots of followers!

2. Heart each other’s content. If you’re like me, and you have a lot of content, I may not get to hearting all of it (and don’t expect you to either), but it’s a nice easy way to spread the love when we’ve got a few minutes to kill!

3. Leaving supportive comments on each other’s walls. Let me tell you how hot you are! Tell everyone what you think of me (as long as it’s nice haha)!

If you’re not already on MV, please consider joining through my ManyVids Affiliate Link. It costs you nothing to use, and awards me a bonus for referring you.

Contact Me
Let’s spread the love! Contact me here, or DM me on Twitter/Discord to set something up. I’m also open to ideas if there are other ways of cross-promoting that you wish to explore together!